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The AudioCell

The AudioCell Social Club 
The AudioCell Sound System– (Live Stage Band)
The AudioCell  Collaborative Sessions

Current Members and Contributors:

Anthony George-Henry – Producer
• Merrick Smallridge – Producer
Jason Johns – Lyric Writer, Vocals

Featuring Artists:

Samantha Ray – Vocals
Millie Brown – Vocals
Saxon Smith – Sax & Keys

What Started 25 years ago as 2 Guys who just loved the Synthesizer sound and making music as a hobby
has grown and developed into a network of Musicians and Producers, with a social club, collaborative session,
and the process of developing a Live stage band where Acoustic and Instrumental meet Synthesizers and Electronica
all in the creative atmosphere @ Wave8 Studio.


Having a passion with the electronic sound together Anthony and Merrick have collected synthesizers developing 2 world class Electronic music Production Studios.
With the experience obtained at SAE and the massive advantages of networking obtained by studying at the college, Anthony redesign his image into the Company now know as Wave8, developing Wave8 Studio – Wave8 Recordings and Wave8 Production so as to base their projects and be their own independent Recording Label.
Together they are working hard in a Electronic Duo Project know as amtrax, whilst also working on The AudioCell Project with the addition and strong Rock influence from writer/guitarist/singer Jason Johns, with the goal of stepping into the world of Performing  all music Live with the addition of Live Vocalist / Guitarist / Pianist / Drummer / Saxonist and more, combining the world of acoustic and electronic music together  with their music along with a collection of Collaborated Tracks, taking their sound to the stage as

The AudioCell Sound System
Complementing each other while Producing music and both have an understanding that is starting to grow into a Musical Producing Partnership, Together they have the approach of using their collection of Hardware to bring back the clear sound of Electronica with a Minimal approach to their Productions, yet combining what they believe are the best elements of each Genre into what they are striving to achieve a style of their own. that is heading for big things in the near future!!!!

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